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Luma Group

LUMA is a global lighting company with sales offices and operations in Silicon Valley, Shanghai, and Singapore. LUMA’s brands (JK, LUXIM and Resilient) are recognized for quality and innovation in the industrial and infrastructure sectors of the lighting market.

LUMA develops and manufactures Plasma, HID, Induction, and LED solutions for both OEM customers and end users. Our global operations and industrial focus provides us with an unique ability to serve the needs of our customers worldwide.

LUMA Brands

  • JK Yaming (JK) is a global leader in high power, energy-efficient total lighting solutions, with market leading R&D, production, and distribution capabilities in both traditional and energy-saving lighting products.

    JK's high quality and competitive HID, LED, and Induction lighting lines are found throughout the world.
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  • LUXIM is the world leader in Light Emitting Plasma (LEP) technology. In Silicon Valley, LUXIM develops and commercializes LEP solutions for a wide range of mission critical applications like high mast, horticulture and instrumentation lighting.

    LUXIM's LEP technology provides higher brightness and superior color at lower cost to the user and the environment. LUXIM is in production with customers worldwide and has a complete, award-winning product line for general and specialty lighting.
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  • Resilient is focused on serving the lighting needs of industrial and transport sectors, such as sea and air ports, heavy industrial sites, and chemical and food processing plants.

    We develop ‘Tough Light’ for tough environments with high compliance standards. We work with industrial end users to tailor our products and solutions to their needs for energy saving lighting and excellent customer care.
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